When it comes to a database, it’s not just about the number of respondents. Our community is not a database. We go out of our way to find unique and engaged community members. We have an expert team that dedicates their time on managing the continuous growth of the hard to find community members. From the outdoorsy millennials to the super wealthy baby boomers, we’ve gone out of our comfort zone to find them.

Data Collection & "Cutting the Cord"

Participant selection is the most crucial component of executing research in order to attain actionable data. Most times the traditional methods for finding “that specific respondent” doesn’t work. Spotlight focuses on many non-traditional data collection methods and goes beyond the typical proprietary databases and lists. We’re out to find the exact market you’re targeting and will go out of our comfort zone to find it; beyond the telephone.



  • Guerilla Style/location intercept (Street recruit)
  • Social Media and specific Industry Networking
  • Enthusiast/Hobbyist Exploration
  • Word-of-mouth and social networking
  • Specialized resources and databases for high net worth
  • Industry expert networking


  • Proprietary community
  • POLK (Automotive)
  • Client/Customer lists

Consultation, Planning, and Fieldwork Management

With years of experience in data collection, we make it our goal to be a thought partner with our clients. We assist with overall research, sample design, screener development, and field management in-order to ensure primary research questions are answered. Our team has experience within the entire United States, so they are prepared to strategize and answer any research questions. Our national network of partners allow us to go beyond our local market and manage multi-market studies – making us the one stop shop!

Fieldwork management specialties include:

  1. Nationwide Automotive/Product clinics
  2. Experienced automotive qualitative/quantitative staff coordination
  3. Nationwide Face-2-Face intercepts
  4. Mall and non-mall/unique location intercepts
  5. Focus groups
  6. In-depth interviews
  7. Product placements
  8. Specific venue and catering arrangement

Market Research Services

Focus Groups
Industry Expert Interviews
Fieldwork Management
Video Diaries

Video Drive Studies
Mall Intercepts
On-Site Interviews
Taste Tests
In-Home Usage Tests

Automotive and Full Service Clinic Coordination
High-Net Worth/Luxury Segments
Nationwide Quantitative Intercepts
Online Communities

Let’s Put The Spotlight On Your Next Study

We would love to hear from you and help strategize. We’re confident that one of our creative managers can help make your next research project an absolute success. We are committed to responding and confirming receipt to your bid request within the hour.